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UNC Alumni Association

We take pride in being UNC Bears

In fact, you won’t find a bigger, bolder group of graduates than the network of alumni who are a part of the UNC Alumni Association.

We bleed Blue & Gold, we proclaim our UNC ties with pride, and we believe in the power of giving back. We may come from different class years, different cities, and different careers, but together we believe - Once a Bear, Always a Bear

UNC Bear


Great, So Do We

And now is the perfect time to celebrate our Bear Pride.

From summer events to celebrating our newest graduates during commencement, you are sure to see the Alumni Association, our volunteers and our staff, active and around campus this season. And we want you to join us!


 You're Committed to Career Success

we're committed to helping you

Whether you need a boost in your career or want to help boost the career of a fellow UNC Bear, we’re your first step toward building and celebrating alumni career success. Start off by reading the career advice of alumni from our LinkedIn network, then take a tour through the career resources available to you through the UNC Alumni Association.

You Want to Build Your Network

Let's Connect you to the Bear Network

We find strength in numbers, that's why we are proud to say that nearly 150,000 Bears have graduated from UNC since our founding in 1889. With Bears in cities across the country and leading companies and industries of all kinds, let's get you connected to your Bear Network.

Bear Network

Alumni Relations Staff | Alumni Board | Get Involved

You Seek to Make a Difference

We can show you how

Making a difference begins by being involved and giving back to UNC and future Bears.  We set a goal to get 10% of our alumni involved by the end of 2018.  Join us in making a difference by becoming a UNC donor or volunteer today.

Campaign for UNC


Campaign for UNC | Stories of Impact | Campaign Contacts

Maybe You're One of Us

If you love UNC, are committed to your career, want to build the Bear Network, and seek to make a difference on campus, then Maybe You're One of Us. The UNC Alumni Association is comprised of all living alumni and because you are a Bear, you are one of us too.


If you're a graduate of UNC, then you are an alumni association member. And that means that along with celebrating your UNC ties, we'll also celebrate all that is great about you and your UNC story.  Once a Bear, Always a Bear.